A Grant Giving Trust
for the People of Glasgow

The Glasgow Educational and Marshall Trust can trace its roots back to 1936, and since then the Trust has continued to grow and change to meet the needs of Glasgow’s people.

On average, the Trust supports 60 applications per year up to a total value of £60,000.  The maximum amount available per application is £1,650, but in normal circumstances it is likely that applicants will receive a lower award.   Awards usually range from £200 to £1200.  The Trust can provide support to individuals and to schools (to help with the cost of educational trips for school pupils).

Applications for courses starting after October must be submitted by 8th August 2024.   Applications for courses starting before October are no longer being considered.

Check Eligibility

Awards from the Trust are subject to residential criteria being met and that you fall into one of the categories of students or organisations the Trust supports. 

Grant Application

To apply for a grant, you must confirm that you meet all of the eligibility criteria. If you meet all of the criteria, you can proceed to make an application.

School Trips

Financial support is available for Glasgow schools to allocate towards transport costs for school trips. The Trust will require confirmation prior to considering an application that 50% of the costs have been secured. The maximum grant available is £1,500. Click here to make an online application.  

Who Can Apply?


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Mature Students

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Vocational Courses

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Art, Music and Drama

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