A Grant Giving Trust for the People of Glasgow

The Glasgow Educational & Marshall Trust gives grants to people who have lived in Glasgow for over 5 years to assist with furthering their education.

Amounts awarded range between £1,250 and £1,500. We give around 60 grants every year to the value of about £50,000.

The Trust has been established for over 75 years and is in fact an amalgamation of a number of local Educational Charities.

The funds that the Trust distributes are solely from an investment fund that has been built up over generations.

The Trust has a board of 22 governors drawn from educational institutes, the churches, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Trade Union Council, The Trades House of Glasgow, The Merchants House of Glasgow.

Applications for funding

You may apply to the Trust at any time of year but you must apply well before your course is due to start. 

We award grants to a wide variety of people in many different disciplines, from School trips to Postgraduate courses.

Applications are not made to a specific category of funding - so you may submit an application even if you're not sure which category you are applying for. Your submission will be individually considered and we will make a decision.

The Trust only awards grants to people from Glasgow. Check our 'Can I Apply' section for more details.

Can I Apply?