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Award Payment- Stage 1

I’ve received my award email to tell me I’ve been successful. What happens before I can receive my award?

Before moving forward with your award, the Trust will need proof of full enrolment on your course to be provided as soon as possible.

You will be informed by email if you have been successful or not.

I’ve provided proof of my full enrolment. What do I have to do now?

The Trust will send you a link so that you can provide information related to your residency etc via an online checking system. 

What will you ask me to provide in this link?

The link will take you to an ID checking website.  You will have to provide proof of your residential address e.g. utility bill, mobile phone bill.  It will also ask you to provide proof of photo ID e.g. passport or Driving Licence or student card and this will be done via face recognition.

What other information will you ask me to provide?

The Trust will also need you to provide proof of course registration.  This will be via a letter from your course leader/tutor which you can upload to the Trust’s website.  The letter should include your full name, student ID and date of birth.  You will also need to upload a recent bank statement.  If you don’t send everything the Trust has requested, this will affect the release of your award.   

I’m a Post Graduate Mature Student. How much will I receive?

This will depend on what you have requested.  The award will be no more than £1,650 in total per application, split into two payments within your academic year.  Your award email will detail the total amount of your award and the amount of your first payment (generally 50% of the total).

I’m applying for help with meeting the cost of my vocational course. Will I receive my award directly?

If the Trust decided to support your application, your award will be paid directly to your course provider. 

How will I be paid?

You will receive an email providing information on how your first award payment will be made.  Once you’ve confirmed your enrolment, your first stage payment claim can be made in late November. 

When are award payments made?

Payment claims are made twice during your academic year (November and March). 

Once everything has been submitted, what happens?

You can then make your first award payment claim.  This will happen in November.

What if I don’t submit the required documents on time?

If you do not submit your documents on time, this will affect your award payment.

I’ve not received my first award payment. What do I do?

Please check all emails received from the Trust (both your inbox and spam) as you may have missed our email or you may not have provided all the information we require.  If it is the latter, the email will detail what you need to send.  If you think you have supplied everything and you still haven’t received your award, please contact us via our online form.

Award Payment- Stage 2

How will I know when I’m to receive my second award payment?

You will receive an email from us, detailing information about the second payment.

Will I need to do anything before I receive my second payment?

Yes.  You will have to provide an Interim Report.  Once this has been received, you can then claim your stage two payment. 

What is the Interim Report?

The interim report is what we need from your tutor or course leader/tutor.  The Trust will contact your course leader/tutor directly to ask for the interim report from the contact details you have already supplied.  The report should include your details, the course you are on, and progress you are making on your course.  It must be sent back to us online from your course leader/tutor who will need to use their academic address. 

Once everything has been submitted, what happens?

You can then make your second award payment claim.  This will happen in March.