Mature Students - do you need help funding your course?

The Glasgow Educational and Marshall Trust has funding available for Mature Students returning to Education.

How we can help

The Trust will help Mature students who wish to return to Education and improve their employment prospects.

What we can fund

Awards are given towards the cost of the following:

Course Fees

Living Expenses

Books and Materials

Mature students find it expensive returning to education especially if they have a family with a low paid job or no job. Help towards these costs is very beneficial to Mature students.

Childcare Costs

The Trust recognises that this is a financial burden to students with children who want to return to Education. Help with this can alleviate stress with financial restraints.


The Trust can help with costs of every day travel to and from College or University. The Trust may also help with travel abroad.

Recently funded

thumb anne

"Glasgow Education and Marshall Trust, through their generous sponsorship enabled me to pursue my course in jewellery design from HND to B. Des. in Jewellery and Technology, without the added worry of financial burden. The money allowed me to concentrate on my studies and helped me get back on my feet after redundancy. I will always be grateful to the Trust and the board members for their support." Anne,

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Funding is available to help you return to education. If you meet the Glasgow eligibility requirements, go ahead and apply.

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