Travel - do you need help to fund travel which is part of your studies?

funding for travel

The Glasgow Educational and Marshall offers funding to students to assist with travel costs.

How we can help

The Trust assist with the cost of Travel for students persuing a course either in the UK or abroad as part of their studies.

The Trust require full details of the reason for travel and costs relating to your journey.


  • Attending a University Abroad
  • Presenting a paper at home or abroad as part of your course
  • Placements as part of your course e.g. Medical Students

Recently funded

"...thanks to all friends, family, family-friends, trusts and businesses, for not just their donations but there encouragement and support too! So for those that are reading this, thank you again! Already I know that this is proving to be the best decision of my life and hopefully after reading this I’m sure you’ll begin to see why!" Myrtle, Quoted from Myrtle's Year in Ghana - Blog

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Funding is available to help you further your education. If you meet the Glasgow eligibility requirements, go ahead and apply.

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